Changing of the Guard

As our students prepare to complete another school year and transition to what's next, there will be some changes in leadership as well.  Current Woodland High School Principal, Dr. Wes Dickey, will return to the middle school, but this time to South Central.
"I can have a bigger influence on the kids at the middle school," Dickey stated.  "But with my high school experience and knowing what's required at the high school and how there's such a big disconnect between eighth and ninth grade, I can use that at the middle school to try and bridge that gap.  I will get to influence two high schools - I get to influence Woodland High School and Cass High School (South Central feeds into both) - so what I do there is going to impact both of their graduation rates."
Dr. Dickey looks forward to joining South Central as they are in the process of rebranding.  At the start of the next school year, the middle school will have a new name, mascot, and school colors.
Superintendent Dr. Phillip Page was alongside Dr. Dickey as he informed his current staff of the change.  "There's no one more respected in our school system than you, and I'm very thankful that you're taking on this awesome responsibility of leading the staff and community of Emerson," Page said.
Taking over the helm at Woodland High School will be Mr. David Stephenson, current assistant principal at North Cobb High School.  Stephenson, 47, completed his undergraduate studies at Arizona, master's at Arizona State, and earned a specialist degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Georgia.  Most recently, he attended Kennesaw State University for his Leadership Studies certification.
Mr. Stephenson stated he was "delighted and very excited" when he heard he would be Woodland High School's next principal.  "It opens opportunities to work with so many fine students and staff."  He feels Woodland is the "perfect combination of size, scope, and community.  It seems like a terrific fit with its excellence in fine arts, athletics, and advanced learning opportunities."  Stephenson said the staff at Woodland High have all been very welcoming and eager to help and support the transition.  He looks forward to becoming familiar with the school goals, staff, students, and stakeholders and to hear about what makes Woodland High School so special, and to build off that.
Stephenson is married to Sharon and has two daughters, Mareya, 12, and Naomi, 9.