WHS Yellow Phase Designation

Thirteen COVID-19 positive cases have been identified, which affects just over 1% of the in-person school population. 


As a result of this change, no visitors will be allowed beyond the front office at Woodland High School. 


Lunchroom procedures will also be modified. Students should plan to eat in designated areas, which could include third period classrooms, outside, or in small groups in the cafeteria. 


To prevent large group gatherings, students should report to their first period class immediately upon arrival.


After-school activities will be monitored and adjusted as needed based on current COVID-19 protocols.


These changes will remain in effect until November 11, 2020.


Additional sanitation measures will be performed at Woodland High School this evening by Bartow County custodial staff.


At this time, and in accordance with system guidelines, Woodland High School students currently receiving in-person instruction now have the option to transition into distance learning. Please contact Woodland High School Assistant Principal Lori Scifers at lori.scifers@bartow.k12.ga.us by Friday, October 9, if you would like to enroll into our distance learning program.


If you would like to continue traditional in-person instruction, no action is needed.


Enhanced sanitation measures established over the summer continue at all Bartow County schools and remain a top priority.


Again, Woodland High School is the only school in the District currently in the yellow phase. All other 19 Bartow County schools are in the green phase with no or very low positive COVID-19 cases.


Thank you for continued patience, understanding, and support of the Bartow County School System.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call school administrators or Central Office staff.