Bartow County School System Winter Weather Update

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (December 11, 2017) – Bartow County Schools will be back in session December 12, 2017.
The Bartow County Road Department has been working diligently to ensure our safety. All downed trees and power lines have been removed from the roadways. Georgia Power has been working around-the-clock to restore power to thousands of households in our community. Georgia Power requested to use the Bartow County College and Career Academy as a staging area Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and without hesitation Superintendent Dr. John Harper agreed.
“It’s being a good steward for the community. We opened the Student Hub, cafeteria, and other rooms so workers could get out of the cold weather and rest. It’s important to support and give back to our generous community,” said Superintendent Harper.
“I also want to say thank you to our parents. I know it was inconvenient to pick up your children Friday, but you banded together to help us achieve a common goal; safety. I knew when I received the first report of a bus sliding on the roadway, that bus transportation was not the best option to get our children home,” adds Superintendent Harper.
The Bartow County community pitched in to get all our children home before two Friday afternoon. Multiple families posted on social media, offering their vehicles as a means to transport students. Our school resource officers took children home, and employees in our transportation department used system issued four-wheel drive vehicles to reach students as well. One cafeteria employee waited at each school in the event children could not get immediate transportation home. It also warms our hearts to say, backpacks full of non-perishable food items were sent home with more than three-hundred students Friday through our Backpack Buddies initiative. We know that helped many families struggling as a result of widespread power outages.
As mentioned in a prior press release, The Bartow County School System released students immediately following a snow warning and information issued by Georgia Emergency Management Agency officials Friday morning. We moved up our release time based on changing weather patterns and road conditions. Superintendent Harper and several top administrators worked tirelessly last week, monitoring all available weather forecasts and related information. Superintendent Harper was the first one to arrive at Central Office Friday and did not leave until every child was accounted for.
In response to recent inquiries, there will be no attendance penalties issued as a result of Friday’s inclement weather.

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