Meet Dr. Phillip Page

Phillip D. Page, Ed.D.


Bartow County School System



The man at the helm of the Bartow County School System brings more than just twenty-eight years of experience across county lines. Dr. Phillip Page is a confident, forward-thinking leader who truly believes in education as the powerhouse for personal and professional development in Bartow County and beyond. While Dr. Page calls himself positively optimistic, his family would say he’s also spiritual, loving, committed, encouraging, and supportive.


Surprisingly, the man now leading one of the most progressing school districts in Georgia did not always have his sights on the classroom. In fact, Dr. Page initially pursued a biology degree from the University of South Carolina. His intention was to become a doctor. However, during his senior year, an internship at a hospital proved to stifle that dream and ignite a new one.


“I realized I didn’t like being in the hospital environment,” said Dr. Page. “At the same time, I was substitute teaching and I volunteered at the recreational center as a basketball coach for 6-8 graders. It became clear to me that working with kids gave me a great deal of enjoyment.”


After a chance encounter with an assistant principal at the C.E. Mendez Foundation, a life-long career in education was born. Dr. Page started as a Drug Education teacher and throughout the years, worked his way up to administration positions within the Cobb County School District.


“Living in Cobb for the past 20 years, I met many Bartow students, parents, and business leaders who talked about how much they enjoyed the school system and living in Bartow County,” said Dr. Page. “When it was announced there would be an opening in the district for superintendent, I did a lot of research and it revealed the many positive attributes I had heard in the past: friendly people, connected communities, involved business partners, successful schools with dedicated staff members, and the opportunity to work with students who desire to be successful beyond high school.”


Our new leader’s vision is simple; he wants to see Bartow County children engaged in their learning and empowered to choose a pathway that will prepare them for a successful career beyond high school.


“The best part of education is helping to create a positive school climate where teachers feel supported and excited about the work they do for kids and for students to feel excited to be a part of their school community,” adds Dr. Page.


As Dr. Page joins the ranks of top leaders in Bartow County, the Eagle Scout credits his parents, wife of twenty-four years, and children with helping him achieve life’s successes. “They constantly encourage and support me to take risks and seek out challenging opportunities. Unconditional love is always the ultimate “safety net,” he adds.


With his support system an arms-length away, Dr. Page is ready to tackle the school year head-on. If you see him out in public, make sure to ask him about his teenage years when he used to drive school buses! How many superintendents can say that? And yes, Dr. Page still maintains a clean driving record!