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Student Achievement & Academic Support

Welcome to the Division of Student Achievement & Academic Support
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Our Goal

Bartow County's curriculum stresses academic achievement and success. It is both challenging and stimulating while exposing students to a broad range of experiences. Bartow County is focused on increasing student achievement through higher standards. The combined efforts of faculty, staff, parents, students, and community have led to numerous accomplishments recognized across the state. The experience students gain within the Bartow County School System set the stage for a lifetime of success.


Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kimberly Fraker Susan Morris
Chief Academic Officer Administrative Assistant
kimberly.fraker@bartow.k12.ga.us susan.morris@bartow.k12.ga.us
Matt Gibson Dawn Wood
Federal Programs & Professional Learning Administrative Assistant
matt.gibson@bartow.k12.ga.us dawn.wood@bartow.k12.ga.us


Dr. Greg Doss Lisa DiPrima
Career Tech & Agricultural Ed.
Work Based Learning/YAP


Tania Amerson Melissa Martin
Executive Director, Exceptional Education Administrative Assistant, Exceptional Education
tania.amerson@bartow.k12.ga.us melissa.martin@bartow.k12.ga.us
Veronica Knapper Joyce Hudson
Exceptional Education Compliance Pre-K Support
veronica.knapper@bartow.k12.ga.us joyce.hudson@bartow.k12.ga.us


Paula Camp Beth Groom
Coordinator, Title I, Title III, Gifted, Parent Involvement Coordinator, Testing & Assessment
paula.camp@bartow.k12.ga.us beth.groom@bartow.k12.ga.us


Beth Glover Melinda Wilder
Instructional Support Specialist Instructional Support Specialist
beth.glover@bartow.k12.ga.us melinda.wilder@bartow.k12.ga.us


Jason Dailey Amber Bunce
Instructional Technology Instructional Technology
jason.dailey@bartow.k12.ga.us amber.bunce@bartow.k12.ga.us