Bartow Virtual Academy (BVA)


Bartow Virtual Academy Opportunity

The Bartow County School System (BCSS) will offer a completely online learning option for Bartow County students enrolled in a BCSS middle school or high school for the 2021-2022 school year through the Bartow Virtual Academy (BVA). 


The online registration window will remain open from May 3rd - May 28th for the 2021 - 2022 school year.




All rising 6th - 12th grade students who are interested in online learning may complete an application to be considered for BVA.  The application must be completed during the stated registration window to allow the district to plan appropriately. Upon acceptance into BVA, the parent/guardian and student must attend orientation.  Continued enrollment is conditionally based on the student’s successful academic progress. All BVA students must reapply each year to maintain enrollment for the following school year.


All applications will be evaluated for approval based on a variety of factors including grades, attendance, student motivation criteria, student written essay, and school recommendations. 



What is the Bartow Virtual Academy?

BVA will offer students the opportunity to use technology-based courses to earn new high school credit or accelerate their progression through high school. BVA is asynchronous in nature, which means students are not expected to access video conferences, lessons, or content at a defined time. Virtual courses use a variety of instructional methods including simulations, animations, and video-led direct instruction. The academic expectations and rigor will mirror in person instruction and BVA students will maintain a full academic schedule.  BVA will provide students with:

  •      A completely online schedule of courses with a Georgia certified virtual teacher
  •      Pacing guides outlining class requirements and weekly due dates
  •      On demand content specific virtual tutors
  •      Access to supportive services (504, ESOL, and Exceptional Education)
  •      Grading that is consistent with BCSS grading policies. Assignment grades and preliminary course grades will be posted in the online course platform. Final course grades will be posted in PowerSchool. 


Sample Daily Schedule/ Time Commitment

While BVA allows students to maintain a flexible learning schedule, establishing and adhering to a daily schedule is important because it provides students with a consistent routine.  Below is a sample daily schedule to illustrate the possible time needed for each course in a single day. A student may need to dedicate additional time to a specific course to maintain pacing.



Progress Monitoring Window

Progress and pacing will be monitored for a period of 10 school days for all students at the start of each grading period. The BVA Coordinator will contact the parent/guardian on the 10th day of virtual instruction to discuss possible withdrawal from BVA and transition to the student’s base school if the student is not on track to meet successful academic progress.

  • Who can apply?
      • Any rising 6th – 12th grade BCSS student
  • Are home school students eligible?
      • Yes. Once accepted, the student must enroll in his/her base school within the district they live. Students enrolled in BVA do their learning at home, but they are enrolled and considered active students of the Bartow County School System.
  • Will internet be provided?
      • No. BCSS will not provide at home internet access for students enrolled in BVA.
  • Can students take both in person and virtual courses at the same time?
      • No. If a student enrolls in BVA, all courses must be taken at home online.
  • Will students interact with other students enrolled in BVA?
      • No. Students will work independently with individual support of the virtual teachers and virtual tutors.
  • How will attendance be monitored?
      • Attendance will be measured according to maintaining pace in all virtual courses.
  • I have a concern about my student’s progress in their virtual class. Who should I contact?
      • The parent should contact the student’s virtual teacher through the virtual course e-mail.  If further assistance is needed, the parent should contact the BVA Coordinator.
  • Can students participate in extracurricular activities?
      • Yes. Students can participate in after school extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs if they meet successful academic progress, as defined above.
  • Are BVA courses NCAA approved?
      • Yes. The 16 core high school academic courses are NCAA approved.
  • Do students have to be logged in to the computer at specific times during the day?
      • No. Students can complete their work at any time including at night and on weekends. However, the virtual teacher will provide a pacing guide that students must maintain.
  • Can students withdraw from BVA and return to their districted school?
      • Yes, with limitations. Students can only return to their base school at the end of each semester.
  • I have a child with an IEP that receives special education services. Can my child enroll in BVA?
      • Yes, as a public school, BVA accepts students with disabilities. Enrollment in BVA is considered a school choice option. An issue for parents to consider is whether the independent nature of online instruction will be the best fit for your student. This decision should be made as an IEP team to ensure all necessary supports are in place.  Exceptional Education services will be provided differently in an online environment. We encourage parents to contact the BCSS Exceptional Education Department at 770 - 606 – 5800 ext. 2414 prior to registering to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Are students responsible for providing their own device?
      • No. BCSS will provide a device upon request.  BCSS will only provide technology support for BCSS owned devices. Students are permitted to use their own device, however BCSS will not support personal devices.
  • Who do I contact if I have technical difficulties?
      • Contact the student’s virtual teacher for questions regarding the learning platform.  Contact the BVA Coordinator for assistance with BCSS issued devices.
  • What kind of diploma will my student receive after successfully completing BVA?
      • Students who complete all requirements for graduation will receive a high school diploma from their base school.
Please see our BVA profile for more detailed information.