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General Info

Welcome to the English to Speakers of

Other Languages (ESOL) Program

The Bartow County ESOL program is standards-based and emphasizes academic and social language development. ESOL coursework is based upon WIDA Consortium English Language Development Standards while simultaneously integrating grade appropriate content standards to ensure that all ELs are successful. The ESOL program also provides access to resources and facilitates communication between the school district and home to allow parents and families of English Learners to play an active role in their child’s education.

Bartow County has a dynamic ESOL program, serving students in grades K-12 who are learning English as a second language. 

Professional Learning 

ESOL Endorsement Program

The ESOL Endorsement Program is a three course, 150 seat hour program approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and offered under the supervision of CaseNEX. Announcements regarding the availability and application process are sent via email. 

ESOL Professional Learning Community

All ESOL teachers will participate in PLC meetings. The goal of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for vertical planning, student data analysis, sharing of program information and best practices. 

Professional Learning Workshops

ESOL workshops and training will be provided for ESOL and regular education teachers as well as administrators throughout the year. 


Paula Camp, Ed. S.; Director of Advanced Learning & Academic Support Programs

Adairsville Elementary; Tammy Peck

 Adairsville High; Shannan Miles

Adairsville Middle; Sharon Reed

Allatoona Elementary; Maggie Alvarez & Katherine Wallraven

Cass High; Bill Johnson

Cass Middle; Lee Long


Clear Creek Elementary; Tammy Peck

Cloverleaf Elementary; Paula Guy& Jill Stephens ,

Emerson Elementary; Fabiola Herrera

Euharlee Elementary;


Hamilton Crossing Elementary; Erica Knowles & Catherine Cline &

Kingston Elementary; Heather Moulder

Mission Road Elementary; Keri Mullinax

Pine Log Elementary; Teresa Ferguson

South Central Middle School; Anna Pellegrino

Taylorsville Elementary;


White Elementary; Jennifer Martin

Woodland High; Anna Pellegrino

Woodland Middle; Della Cunnigham


How does a student become eligible for the ESOL program?

the WIDA Screener (second semester first grader through twelfth grade) or MODEL (kindergarten through first semester first grade) screener, or have been eligible for English language services in another school system at the time of transferring to Bartow County.

Why was my child selected for ESOL screening?

In every registration packet for Bartow County Schools there is a form titled, “Home Language Survey.” This survey asks 4 questions:

  1.  Which language does your child most frequently speak at home?
  2.  Which language do adults in your home most frequently use when speaking with your child?
  3.  Which language does your child currently understand or speak?
  4.  If possible, would you prefer notice of school activities in a language other than English?    Yes     No

If yes, which language?   ________________________________________

If any of the 3 questions are answered with any answer other than “English,” the WIDA screener will be administered.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about my child’s ESOL classes?

You can contact the ESOL teacher at your child’s school to discuss ESOL classes, accommodations, and testing. Click HERE to contact the ESOL teacher at your child’s school for a meeting.