Cass Logo on top of a sports field and chainlink fence.


Cass logo with photo of chess board behind it


Cass High Logo with photo of stage a red curtain behind it.

Fine Arts

Cass High Magnet Logo with map behind it

Magnet Program


Phebe Carroll class of 2021

"I moved around a lot when I was younger, and having a school like Cass meant a lot to me. The friendly staff and my loving peers allowed me to make bonds that I hope last forever."

- Phebe Carroll, class of 2021

J. Moctezuma class of 2021

"Teachers at Cass made sure to teach with passion. Cass has a large variety of clubs, and being involved allowed me to make so many new friends. I am proud to be a part of the Cass family!"

- Jose Moctezuma, class of 2021

Haley Smith, Cass High 2021 Graduate

"I miss Cass High School already! From playing softball with my best friends, to connecting with some excellent teachers. Cass was my home for 4 years!"

- Haley Smith, class of 2021

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