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Students of the Month September 2023. 6th-Kaydee Mann, 6th, Zaven McMichen, 7th-Brooklyn Bechtold, 7th-Sawyer Williams, 8th- Melissa Cacho Medina, 8th- Jackson Stephens, Conn.- Paisley Harris, Jackson Bowman, John Ritter

Students of the Month August 2023. 6th-Kameryn Christiana, 6th- Grayson Morse, 7th- Brielle Ross, 7th- Maddox Koontz, 8th-Jazmine Shireman, 8th- Ethan North, Conn.-Payton Sims, Clayton Brock, Joseph Slye

Milestones' Awards September 2022

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6th Grade Award Winners

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