The Bartow County School System currently operates in a green, yellow, and red phase system.

While in green, your school has no to low positive COVID-19 cases. Increased sanitation measures continue and visitors are permitted beyond the front offices at your school.

While in yellow, more than 1% of your school’s total student and staff population tested positive for COVID-19. Increased sanitation measures continue, large group and lunchroom procedures will be modified, and no visitors will be permitted beyond the front offices at your school. These changes will remain in effect for a minimum of ten days. Your school administrators will call, email, and send a push notification to your BCSS App once your school moves into a yellow phase and then back into a green phase.

While in red, the governor mandates a school shutdown, similar to one announced in 2020, and new school procedures are communicated.

The COVID-19 Spread Matrix is updated every 24 hours and reflects all current information and subsequent green, yellow, and red phase changes.

Covid Spread Matrix

Middle School Spread Matrix

High School Spread Matrix