Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code for Grades 3-12 

Clothing in General

  • Clean and well kept

  • No aggressive and/or violent graphics

  • Must not display alcohol, drugs, weapons, tobacco, or obscene/profane language

  • No racially divisive or inflammatory symbols such as swastikas or gang signs

  • No see-through clothing of any kind

  • Must not display the midriff, sides or back

  • Must be appropriately sized

Pants and Slacks

  • Tailored pants or jeans

  • Must be worn at the natural waistline

  • No holes, frays or patches that allow skin, underwear, or undergarments to be seen are permitted.

  • Must not touch floor

  • Spandex or fish net leggings/jeggings should not be worn as stand-alone clothing.

Shirts and Blouses

  • Blouses must extend to the end of the shoulder.

  • Anything T-strapped, spaghetti-strapped, halter tops or tank tops must be covered by a jacket at all times.

  • No halter tops or tank tops

Skirts, Dresses and Jumpers

  • No more than 4” above the knee

  • No longer than the top of the shoes

  • Pleats, vents, slits or buttoned openings cannot be open more than 4” above the knee.

Shorts, Culottes and Skorts

  • No shorter than 4” above the knee

  • No cutoffs or spandex shorts

  • Athletic style shorts for physical education or after-school sports only


  • Must be worn at all times

  • Laces must be laced and tied

  • No shoes with wheels/roller skates/etc.

Coats, Jackets and Sweaters

  • Oversized outerwear must be removed after entering the building


  • Nothing obscene or violent in nature

  • Visible body-piercing jewelry limited to ears.  Body piercings covered by surgical tape, Band-Aids , etc. are prohibited

Head Gear

  • No hats, sun-visors, bandanas, hair rollers or non-prescription sunglasses can be worn inside the building

Disciplinary actions will be taken to ensure compliance with dress code requirements.  The principal or any other duly authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress or grooming results in violation of the spirit or intent of this rule.