Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Bartow County Education Foundation is to support the Bartow County School System in providing world-class educational opportunities for its students and teaching community.



About Us

The Bartow Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established to provide additional support for the Bartow County School System, its employees and, most important of all, its students. 

Some of the programs the Education Foundation supports with the help of businesses in the community include: 

  • Teacher of the Year 

  • Employee of the Month

  • Reception for Retirees

  • Attendance Recognition for bus drivers 

  • Attendance Recognition for School Nutrition Services 

 The Bartow County Education Foundations exists to: 

  • Reward innovation in the classroom through teacher grants 

  • Reward innovation in the schools through employee grants 

  • Recognize exemplary performance in system employees through the Teacher of the  Year program and the Employee of the Month Recognition program 

  • Build community and business relationships

  • Seek support and resources essential to the success of public education 

  • Provide professional development opportunities for the Bartow County School System


For more information, please contact Dot Frasier, Executive Director, at 770.606.5800, ext. 3858 or email Ms. Frasier at dot.frasier@bartow.k12.ga.us