Professional Learning Community & Strategic Plan

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“A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is an ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve.” 

(Learning by Doing, DuFour et al.)

Mission Statement
The Bartow County School System collaboratively engages students and staff in a culture of learning to ensure proficiency and above on essential standards for all students.

Vision Statement
The Bartow County School System will be a high functioning professional learning community that will graduate all students career and college ready, prepared to contribute to their community.

Collective Commitments
We are committed to working in collaborative teams with collective responsibility for student learning.

We are committed to ensuring a guaranteed and viable curriculum for ALL students.

We are committed to using common formative assessments to monitor student learning.

We are committed to using common assessment data to strengthen teaching and learning.

We are committed to providing systematic interventions and extensions.

PLC Locator

PLC Locator

As a professional learning community, BCSS focuses on three big ideas:

1 | A Focus on Learning

Work together to clarify exactly what each student must learn

Monitor each student’s learning on a timely basis

Provide systematic interventions that ensure students receive additional time and support for learning when they struggle

Extend learning when students have already mastered the intended outcomes

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GC workshop

2 | A Collaborative Culture

Educators must work collaboratively and take collective responsibility for the success of each student


Mutually accountable

Common goals

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GC workshop

3 | Results Oriented

Members of a PLC recognize that all of their efforts must ultimately be assessed on the basis of results rather than intentions;

Participation in this process is not just for leaders, it is a responsibility of every member

Examine results to discover strengths and weaknesses to learn from each other.

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bcss guiding coalition

Collaborative teams meet to answer the four driving PLC questions:

1 | What do we want students to know and be able to do?


2 | How will we know when students have learned it?

Create common formative assessments (CFAs). Build common understanding of proficiency. Align CFAs to essential standards. Clarify conditions of administration of CFAs . Compare and analyze the data.  


3 | What will we do when students haven't learned it?

Plan systematic interventions within collaborative teams. Provide a timely response to all students. Differentiate to address individual student needs.  


4 | What will we do when students already know it?

Provide students opportunities for extension. Extend instruction. Differentiate to address individual student needs.  


Guaranteed and viable curriculum

Our Model PLC Schools

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model school

Collaborative Teams in Action

Euharlee Kindergarten Math Collaboration

Cloverleaf 4th Grade Math Collaboration

Adairsville High Geometry Assessment Data Collaboration

(View their entire collaboration meeting)

A -Team Spotlight

An A-Team is a team of educators in which the members work interdependently to achieve common goals that directly impact student achievement. Members of an A-Team are willing and eager to learn from one another. An A-Team exemplifies the three big ideas of our Professional Learning Communities culture as they continually demonstrate a focus on learning, collaboration, and results.

Through observations and conversations with each team member, it is evident these teams uses the PLC process to work together with collective responsibility for student learning. They ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all first-grade students, use common formative assessments to monitor student learning, use common assessment data to improve teaching and learning practices, and support the RTI process by providing systematic interventions and enrichments for all students.


Adairsville High - Algebra

Melissa Winters

Amanda Jones

James Whittemore

Madison Hilton

Brent West


Cass High - World Languages

Lailee Long

Katherine Shofner

Lori Sutton


Adairsville High - Biology

Ariel Martin

Kristi Sylvester

TJ Langston

Casey Smith

Elisha Mayberry


Cass High - Literacy

Sarah Turner

Katie Works

Lake Phillips


Woodland Middle - 8th ELA

Jennifer Mayer

Abbey Yohe

RTMS teachers

Red Top Middle - 6th SS

Dana W

Katie Hamilton


Cass Middle - 8th ELA

Stephanie Brant

Miller Barnett

Justin Carver

Megan Gannon

Jenna Johnson


Red Top Middle - 8th ELA

Lake Phillips

Joshua Rensch

Christie Taylor

Allie Ingle

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Bartow County College and Career Academy - Health Care

Donna Mathias

Dr. Jhinora Pollard

Anne Rickman

Harry Wyche


Hamilton Crossing Elementary -
1st Grade

Juliane Johnson

Breanna Roberts

Jennifer Tasker

Debbie Philliber

Anna May

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Adairsville Middle - 8th Science

Traci Newman

Kim Ruggles

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Cass High - Geometry

Jason Coker

Lisa Doolittle

Audrey Ellison

Tyler Washington

Sierrah Woods

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Bartow County College and Career Academy - US History

William Dooley

Mike Fitch

Meghan Johnson

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Pine Log Elementary -3rd Grade

Nelia Card

Louise Gammon

Julia West

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Adairsville High - Geometry

Dr. JoAnna Bartlett

Laura Turner

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White Elementary -Kindergarten

Shelley Cromer

Abigail Smith

Shanna Witt

Haley Blackburn

Emmalie Cole

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Woodland Middle- 7th ELA

Lucy Costello

Joley Neubert

Jody Taylor

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Clear Creek Elementary

Beverly Hancock

Ashton Russell


Woodland High - Biology

Dana Hunt

Santiago Nava

Amber Phillips

Rachel Gwaltney

Jacob Selman

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Adairsville High - Spanish

Amanda Nelson

Kaylie Noe

Joe Young


Emerson Elementary - 1st Grade

Suzanne Bennett

Chelsey Edgar

Shelley Harger


Emerson Elementary - 3rd Grade

Linda Garcia

Amber Graham

April Lanham

Janna Scheff


Euharlee Elementary - 5th Grade

Whitney Crumley

Stephanie Hardy

Catherine Hill

April West


Cloverleaf Elementary - 3rd Math

Annie Davidson

Sarah Beth Clayton

Amanda Jordan


Cass Middle - 6th Math

Laura Hayes

Torre Mortimer

Lisa Wilson

Whitney Bailey

Cass Middle - 7th Math

Kendra Gilliam

Rebecca Wright

Brent West

Bridget Durham


Adairsville Elementary - 3rd ELA

Gwynn Brookshire

Annie Powell

Brandie Smith

Emily Duggan


Adairsville Elementary - 3rd Math

Blaine Bishop

Ashley Greenway

Jess McMurdo

“A collection of teachers does not truly become a team until members must rely on one another to accomplish a goal that none could achieve individually.”  DuFour et al. Learning by Doing

DuFour et al.  

   Learning by Doing,