Picture of Cass High School's Advanced Placement plaque.

College Board’s newly released Advanced Placement Scholar Roster includes 193 Bartow County School System students earning 236 awards – the highest numbers ever recorded in Bartow County!

College Board’s AP program provides motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school. Students can earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP exams administered in high schools.

College Board recognizes three levels of achievement based on student performance and AP exams. The highest level of academic honor is AP Scholar with Distinction, followed by AP Scholar with Honor, and AP Scholar. College Board also recognizes students who complete the AP Capstone Diploma Program and earn an AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

Thirty-six students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average score of 3.5 or higher on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. The honorees include Madison Abernathy (AHS ’24), Lilith Affolder (AHS ’25), Ella Baker (AHS ’24), Peyton Bowen (AHS ’25), Emma Higueras (AHS ’24), Braden Mathis (AHS ’25), Annie McCormick (AHS ’23), Caroline O’Kelley (AHS ’25), Braden Potter (AHS ’24), Skyla Rowland (AHS ’25), Callie Viktora (AHS ’24), Scarlett Hale (CHS ’24), Zachary McKnight (CHS ’23), Weston Mohr (CHS ’25), Cindy Muniz (CHS ’25), Sydney Orr (CHS ’23), Gabriel Self (CHS ’24), Kylie Agan (WHS ’24), Jenna Bassler (WHS ’23), Bradley Benners (WHS ’24), Keeghan Bevars (WHS ’25), Kameron Chappell (WHS ’23), Aiden Cornette (WHS ’23), David Drennan (WHS ’23), Adam Edens (WHS ’23), Jorden Edens (WHS ’24), Jolie Fannin (WHS ’23), Hannah Godfrey (WHS ’23), Jordy Gonzalez (WHS ’25), Knox Koontz (WHS ’24), Kathryn Kovacic (WHS ’24), Delaney Matthews (WHS ‘24), Joseph Parker (WHS ’23), Gracie Williams (WHS ’24), and Hannah Willoughby (WHS ’25).

Twenty-three students received the AP Scholar with Honor Award after earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. The recipients are Avery Black (AHS ’25), Levi Heim (AHS ’25), Benjamin Irons (AHS ’25), Ava Lowery (AHS ’25), Caden Pearson (AHS ’25), Alexander Ghavamian (CHS ’23), Chatlie Hernandez (CHS ’25), Teagan Leckwold (CHS ’25), Joseph Loh (CHS ’24), Ryan Pope (CHS ’23), Dillon Sanford (CHS ’24), Lilli Taylor (CHS ’24), Samantha Thum (CHS ’24), Kalman Vannest (CHS ’23), Rey Ventura (CHS ’24), Grace Belisle (WHS ’25), Remi Chapman (WHS ’24), Gabe Hardin (WHS ’25), Champ Higdon (WHS ’23), Olivia Mackiewicz (WHS ’25), Faith Owens (WHS ’24), Talal Tariq (WHS ’25), and Reagan Weightman (WHS ‘ 24).

One hundred and twenty-three students earned the AP Scholar Award by earning a score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. The honorees are Darby Adams (AHS ’24), Cavender Barnes (AHS ’23), Thomas Brunson (AHS ’24), Madison Burdette (AHS ’23), Kiley Carpenter (AHS ’23), Caroline Cash (AHS ’24), Alayna Findley (AHS ’23), Alexander Gollaz (AHS ’24), Megan Gregory (AHS ’23), Kyoshi Harmon (AHS ’24), Cameron Hawk (AHS ’24), Alexis Heatherly (AHS ’24), Alyssa Heathers (AHS ’25), Reece Kennedy (AHS ’25), Jaiden Leach (AHS ’23), Samantha Lusian (AHS ’23), Aliya McBryde (AHS ’24), Ty Moates (AHS ’24), Jonathan Parral Leon (AHS ’24), Isabella Peck (AHS ’24), Kaitlyn Queen (AHS ’25), Nicholas Schmied-Tatransky (AHS ’24), James Searcy (AHS ’25), Brock Slocumb (AHS ’25), Harmony Sorrell (AHS ’25), Michael Spinks (AHS ’24), Victoria Sprayberry (AHS ’24), Zachary Stephey (AHS ’25), Brayden Smith (AHS ’25), Cody Teer (AHS ’24), James Valentine (AHS ’25), Abagail Whisenant (AHS ’24), Macy Wilson (AHS ’24), Taylor Wilson (AHS ’24), Alissa Winters (AHS ’24), Ansley Womack (AHS ’23), Saleha Alam (CHS ’23), Sydnie Atilano (CHS ’24), Lorgia Benitez (CHS ’24), Morgan Cassidy (CHS ’24), Waleska Ceballos (CHS ’24), Jocelyn Cruz (CHS ’24), Gavin Davis (CHS ’24), Eddie DeBartolo (CHS ’23), John Draper (CHS ’24), Parker Dunn (CHS ’23), Gideon Fortner (CHS ’23), Laney Gordon (CHS ’24), Ryan Grant (CHS ’23), Micah Hatzidakis (CHS ’23), Evelyn Hernandez Rodela (CHS ’23), Camden Hillhouse (CHS ’24), Devan Hutchinson (CHS ’24), George Kardoulias (CHS ’24), Kaden Krause (CHS ’23), Vy Lam (CHS ’24), Michelle Lin (CHS ’24), Kevin Lopez (CHS ’23), Evelyn Lynch (CHS ’23), Alana McCoy (CHS ’24), Tyler McKnight (CHS ‘23), Loren Montoya (CHS ’23), Alexandra Pacheco (CHS ’24), Elizabeth Remke (AHS ’24), Kaitlyn Smith (CHS ’24), Aubrey Stephens (CHS ‘23), Hailey Story (CHS ’23), Allison White (CHS ’23), Jason Wright (CHS ’23), Deborah Ajao (WHS ’24), Cathy Aung (WHS ’25), Leanora Brown (WHS ’24), Jathan Camp (WHS ’23), Abigayle Cates (WHS ’23), Isabella Colgan (WHS ’25), Parker Collins (WHS ’24), Kendall Condon (WHS ’24), Zalei Daniel (WHS ’25), Aubrey Davis (WHS ’25), Heaven Dennis (WHS ’24), Sarah Dickey (WHS ’24), Rachael Dockery (WHS ’25), William Doerfler (WHS ’24), Peyton Dorn (WHS ’24), Abbigail Duncan (WHS ’23), Krista Elmer (WHS ’25), Sarah Fears (WHS ’25), Landon Gravely (WHS ’25), Carson Haley (WHS ’24), Nathan Haney (WHS ’24), Cael Higdon (WHS ’24), Eduardo Ibarra-Gonzalez (WHS ’25), Keira Logan (WHS ’24), Rhiannae Lowe (WHS ’24), Esteban Martinez-Gaspar (WHS ’23), Katie Mathewson (WHS ’25), Ethan McCleary (WHS ’24), Mackenzie Miller (WHS ’24), Ryan Miller (WHS ’24), Marcus Murithi (WHS ’24), Dalton Nichols (WHS ’25), Coleton Parker (WHS ’25), Raleigh Parks (WHS ’23), Molly Pope (WHS ’24), Ava Riekert (WHS ’23), Emily Roach (WHS ’23), Celes Rothman (WHS ’23), Destiny Sanchez (WHS ’25), Emma Segars (WHS ’23), Hunter Sennett (WHS ’23), Sarah Smith (WHS ’25), Madison Taff (WHS ’25), Andrew Thayer (WHS ’23), Bobby Trotti (WHS ’25), Gwen Villines (WHS ’23), Noah Vincent (WHS ’24), Camber Wallace (WHS ’23), Chloe Webb (WHS ’24), Ava Whatley (WHS ’24), Lili Womack (WHS ’24), Isabella Zapata (WHS ’23), and Anthony Zhang (WHS ’23).

Seventeen students countywide completed the AP Capstone Diploma Program. AP Capstone is not a course. It is a two-year program based on two AP courses – AP Seminar and AP Research. It focuses on helping students advance academic skills in the areas of critical thinking, collaboration, public speaking, and conducting research. Diploma recipients include Madison Abernathy (AHS ’24), Lilith Affolder (AHS ’25), Ella Baker (AHS ’24), Kyoshi Harmon (AHS ’24), Alexis Heatherly (AHS ‘ 24), Braden Potter (AHS ’24), Michael Spinks (AHS ’24), Callie Viktora (AHS ’24), Macy Wilson (AHS ’24), Kylie Agan (WHS ’24), Deborah Ajao (WHS ’24), Remi Chapman (WHS ’24), Parker Collins (WHS ’24), Jorden Edens (WHS ’24), Delaney Matthews (WHS ’24), Marcus Muriithi (WHS ’24), and Molly Pope (WHS ’24).

Thirty-six Bartow County students received their AP Seminar and Research certificate. In AP Seminar, students investigate topics in a variety of subject areas, write research-based essays, and design and give presentations. In AP Research, students conduct a year-long investigation to address a specific research question. The students who earned this certificate include Darby Adams (AHS ’24), Thomas Brunson (AHS ’24), Jared Campbell (AHS ’24), Caroline Cash (AHS ’24), Easton Elrod (AHS ’24), Alexander Gollaz (AHS ’24), Emma Grant (AHS ’24), Chase Hilburn (AHS ’24), Ethan Lowery (AHS ’24), Rylee Mayfield (AHS ’24), Aliya McBryde (AHS ’24), Ty Moates (AHS ’24), Briseis Moon (AHS ’24), Jonathan Parral Leon (AHS ’24), Isabella Peck (AHS ’24), Emma Ridley (AHS ’24), Carlyn Smith (AHS ’24), Victoria Sprayberry (AHS ’24), Cody Teer (AHS ’24), Jonathan Torrence (AHS ’24), Abagail Whisenant (AHS ’24), Alissa Winters (AHS ’24), Leanora Brown (WHS ’24), Heaven Dennis (WHS ’24), Sarah Dickey (WHS ’24), Peyton Dorn (WHS ’24), Carson Haley (WHS ’24), Keira Logan (WHS ’24), Rhiannae Lowe (WHS ’24), Ethan McCleary (WHS ’24), Mackenzie Miller (WHS ’24), Ryan Miller (WHS ’24), Faith Owens (WHS ’24), Chloe Webb (WHS ’24), Ava Whatley (WHS ’24), and Gracie Williams (WHS ’24).

“We are pleased to also recognize Bartow County School System AP Teachers with Distinction,” said Paula Camp, Director of Advanced Learning, STEM, and Gifted programs. “Their rigorous classroom instruction and support is instrumental to the success of these intellectually gifted students. More than 80 percent of their AP students took the AP exams, and of those, more than half scored a three or higher on it! Our AP Teachers with Distinction include Christine Alderman (AHS AP Research), Rachel Ensley (AHS AP Seminar), Summer Erickson (AHS Psychology), Ariel Martin (AHS AP Research), Katy Carder (AHS AP Calculus), Jayme Laney (AHS AP Studio Art), Kaylie Smith (AHS AP Spanish), Kristi Sylvester (AHS AP Biology), Cecilia Betancourt (CHS AP Spanish), Kevin Busse (CHS AP Macroeconomics), Katherine Jenkins (CHS AP 2D Art/AP3D Art), Christopher Page (CHS AP Psychology), Devyn Pyle (CHS AP Literature and Composition), Kayla White (CHS AP Language and Composition), Carl Willingham (CHS AP Statistics), Melissa Womack (CHS AP Computer Science Principles), Michele Edwards (WHS AP Statistics), Bethany Harmon (WHS AP Psychology), Lori Howe (WHS AP Spanish), Kelly Hunter (WHS AP World History), Catherine Johnson (WHS AP Art 2D), Cheri Kienitz (WHS AP Macroeconomics), Tim Morris (WHS AP Literature), Kris Norris (WHS AP Calculus), Dorothy Reavis (WHS AP Drawing), Anna Royal (WHS AP Seminar), Jason Truett (WHS AP World History) Eric Willoughby (WHS AP Music Theory), and India Williams-Rakestraw (WHS AP Research).”