Heather Pezzello

Red Top Middle School Counselor Heather Pezzello wins the Circle of Excellence Impact Award from the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia – a $5,000 prestigious school award that holds even greater value to RTMS students!

“We will be using our award this school year to take our eighth-grade students on career/education field trips based on their YouScience aptitudes,” said Pezzello. “Students will be visiting career sites as well as institutions that offer the training required for that particular career field.”

Pezzello won the Circle of Excellence Impact Award as a result of her innovative career readiness programming and leadership in helping students earn credentials of value and connecting students to career opportunities in construction. 

Last academic year, RTMS used its Focus Time to offer a Home Improvement course to interested students. Students were selected for the program using their YouScience aptitude results as well as self-referral. Students learned basic carpentry, electrical, and plumbing skills. More than 100 students even earned real industry credentials!

On July 28, Pezzello was recognized by CEFGA at the 2021 Craft Pro Champions Breakfast Ceremony in Atlanta.