College Board’s newly released Advanced Placement Scholar Roster includes 102 Bartow County School System students – the highest number ever recorded in Bartow County!

College Board’s AP program provides motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school. Students can earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP exams administered in high schools.

College Board recognizes three levels of achievement based on student performance and AP exams. The highest level of academic distinction is AP Scholar with Distinction, followed by AP Scholar with Honor, and AP Scholar. 

Fifteen students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average score of 3.5 or higher on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. The honorees include Mark Brunson (AHS ’22), Sydney Irons (AHS ’22), Connor Patterson (AHS ’22), Camden Briggs (CHS ’22), Jaden Musacchio (CHS ’21), Jeffrey Shane (CHS ’21), Shelby Bishop (WHS ’22), Abigail Carlsen (WHS ’22), Stephane Echevarria (WHS ’22), JT Forsyth (WHS ’22), Joseph Jenkins (WHS ’21), Benjamin Novo (WHS ’22), Tucker Spivey (WHS ’21), Christopher Tarver (WHS ’22), and Caden Wolf (WHS ’22).  

Eleven students received the AP Scholar with Honor Award after earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. The recipients are Carson Carroll (CHS ’22), Aniya Perry (CHS ’22), Brenna Willingham (CHS ’21), Kevin Bassler (WHS ’21), Gregory Browning (WHS ’21), Taylor Chappell (WHS ’22), Jayla Chastain (WHS ’22), Ellie Eanes (WHS ’22), Eryn Gentry (WHS ’22), Priscila Martinez (WHS ’21), and Camber Wallace (WHS ’23).  

Seventy-six students earned the AP Scholar Award by earning a score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. The honorees are Lily Benefield (AHS ’21), Wesley Boling (AHS ’22), Christina Burdette (AHS ’21), Andy Chen (AHS ’21), Brentley Durham (AHS ’21), Rachel Guice (AHS ’21), Kayli Hilburn (AHS ’22), Jose Marquez (AHS ’21), Kenny Nichols (AHS ’21), Jack Rood (AHS ’21), Melissa Sandoval (AHS ’21), Abigail Simpson (AHS ’22), Aldon Aquarian (CHS ’22), Maki Barnes (CHS ’22), Jessica Bhika (CHS ’21), Kaleb Bilodeau (CHS ’21), Emma Buffington (CHS ’21), Kayla Campbell (CHS ’21), Chloe Carpenter (CHS ’21), Phebe Carroll (CHS ’21), Alex DeAnda Rodriguez (CHS ’22), Eli Etheridge (CHS ’22), Oshauna Finch (CHS ’21), Caleb Hatzidakis (CHS ’21), Aislen Hernandez (CHS ’22), Zael Hurtado (CHS ’21), Kyla Jenkins (CHS ’21), Ricky Le (CHS ’22), Taylor Moore (CHS ’21), Isabel Navarro (CHS ’21), Meera Patel (CHS ’21), Hugo Ramirez (CHS ’21), Emma Satterfield (CHS ’22), Adriana Segura (CHS ’21), Andrew Turley (CHS ’21), Caroline Ventura-Velasquez (CHS ’21), Alana Walker (CHS ’21), Kelly Young (CHS ’22), Andrew Ziemer (CHS ’22), Isaiah Bagley (WHS ’21), Chandler Barras (WHS ’21), Jenna Bassler (WHS ’23), Logan Bennett (WHS ’22), Erica Boatner (WHS ’22), Erin Bollwerk (WHS ’22), Patrick Bollwerk (WHS ‘21), Marlee Bowles (WHS ’22), Kameron Chappell (WHS ’23), Baylee Childs (WHS ’21), Nicholas Constantine (WHS ’21), Aiden Cornette (WHS ‘23), Olivia Corp (WHS ’21), Mac Doran (WHS ’22), Adam Edens (WHS ’23), Brady Fuller (WHS ’21), Elijah Gentry (WHS ’21), Paulina Gierlak (WHS ’21), Hannah Godfrey (WHS ’23), Alana Hennon (WHS ’22), Gabriel Hull (WHS ’22), Savannah Lawson (WHS ’22), Natalie Letalien (WHS ’21), Kassidy McCool (WHS ’22), Mya Moffitt (WHS ’22), Sydney Molinaro (WHS ’21), Shanice N’guessan (WHS ’22), Haylee Roach (WHS ’22), Kaylie Roan (WHS ’21), Emma Savage (WHS ’21), Kaitlyn Sennett (WHS ’21), Matthew Stone (WHS ’22), Andrew Thayer (WHS ’23), Mason Tucker (WHS ’22), Bradley Walraven (WHS ’21), Jordan Waters (WHS ’21), and Blane York (WHS ’21).

“Praise and congratulations go out to these students who have worked diligently throughout the years to achieve at high levels,” said Paula Camp, director of Advanced Learning, STEM, and Gifted Programs. “Our faculty, staff, parents, and community play an integral role in supporting the AP program. From about 22 AP course offerings last year to 25 this year and seven in the works, our AP program is stronger than it has ever been. Since 2017, our AP test takers and number of AP exams administered have tripled! This exponential growth is impressive and encouraging for our system!”