school bus

Bartow County School Bus #242 now sits empty outside of Taylorsville Elementary School. Its sudden quietness matches the somber community.

The woman once in the driver’s seat, Mrs. Renee Turner, unexpectedly passed away last week.

She had only been with the Bartow County School System for three years, but she surely had one of the most vibrant busses in Bartow County. From “Mrs. Renee’s Ghost Crew” decorations to strategically placed inspirational messages, Turner’s bus was one to remember.

The vibrancy of her bus was only surpassed by the vibrancy of her personality; hugs, smiles, and even crafts were commonplace on #242. Turner’s co-workers fondly remember her as a kind, happy, fun-loving person who truly enjoyed her work with Bartow County school children.

In the days leading up to her passing, she told her co-workers, “Show them love, kindness, and respect, and it goes a long way. I treat them like I do my own child.”

Black bows now adorn several bright, yellow busses.

A team of counselors console children, and carefully, handcrafted cards are waiting on the Turner Family.