Ms. Dot

Icon: it’s a fitting word to describe our very own Ms. Dot Frasier. She’s successful and admired in Bartow County and beyond.

At 86 years young, Ms. Dot has been serving Bartow County children for the last 63 years, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

While Ms. Dot currently holds the title of Bartow Education Foundation Executive Director; she has served in many other capacities as well. From teacher to assistant principal to principal of Pine Log Elementary School and Emerson Elementary School, Ms. Dot leaves a legacy of love. In fact, she rarely, if ever, leaves a workday without telling someone that she loves them, and she truly means it.

“Ms. Dot means so much to so many people,” said Bartow County School System Superintendent Dr. Phillip Page. “Bartow County School Board Member Mr. Terry Lee Eggert expressed a strong interest in recognizing Ms. Dot in a special way. So, Executive Cabinet members at Central Office put their heads together and came up with a proclamation to show gratitude for the unique contributions she makes to our system. Ms. Dot plays a large role in making our system what it is today.”

The proclamation reads in part, “The Bartow County Board of Education and Superintendent of the Bartow County School System do hereby honor Ms. Dot Frasier as the first Teacher of the Year in the Bartow County School System in the year nineteen sixty-nine. Each subsequent year on the date of the System Teacher of the Year banquet will be proclaimed as ‘Ms. Dot Day’ within the Bartow County School System.”

The proclamation was signed and issued October 18, 2021.

“Ms. Dot has dedicated her working life to serving the students in the Bartow County School System and in serving our community,” added Bartow County Board of Education Chairman Derek Keeney. “This proclamation is a small gesture of appreciation for the unparalleled impact she has made on countless lives. Ms. Dot's commitment to our students and teachers is exemplary.”

Ms. Dot and the Bartow Education Foundation are committed to raising money for classroom needs through the Teacher Grant program. Over the years, she has raised more than $1 million to increase student learning. Similarly, Ms. Dot takes great pride in recognizing Teachers of the Year during Bartow County’s annual TOTY Banquet.

“To build a 30-year career in education is an amazing thing,” said Bartow County School Board Member Anna Sullivan. “To continue that career well beyond the time that others decide they are ready to refocus life on slowing down is an extraordinary life calling. Ms. Dot has never slowed down. She exemplifies a life calling that is powered purely by her great love of people, both big and small. We are a better community for her work, her dedication, and her love”

“Ms. Dot Day” is fast approaching as it will be held this year on October 28. Look for it to be filled with what Ms. Dot is known for the most – love.