Taylor Hammonds picture

Calm, gentle, and patient; they’re all characteristics that made Taylor Hammonds an extraordinary special needs pre-kindergarten paraprofessional at Pine Log Elementary School. Her unexpected passing instantly left a void in her classroom and school community that can never be filled.

“She was a young mother and loved her daughter, Lennon, more than anything,” said Sharon Hibberts, Hammonds’ friend and colleague. “I think her strong maternal instincts helped her with her relationships with the pre-K children.”

“Taylor was so good at what she did,” added Jannell Atkins, another close friend and colleague. “Being a natural nurturer to these sweet kids and our team, is what completed our team. Taylor loved these kids as her own.”

Hammonds, an Adairsville High School graduate, had roots in Bartow County and quickly found her second home at PLES this year when she was offered the paraprofessional position.

PLES Principal Tracey Alford remembers her sweet, soft-spoken demeanor and unconditional kindness.

If there was a need, she jumped in to help without asking.

Those closest to her say, “To know Taylor was such a special treat.”

“We loved her and had quickly became close to her,” said Hibberts. “She will be missed, but we all know she is where she would have wanted to be...with her baby girl.”

Four extra counselors helped staff care centers Monday morning so students and staff at PLES had extra support during this difficult time. Additional resources will be available as needed throughout the week.