Lexie Bultman

“As A Family,” Adairsville High School is set to welcome its new top Tiger – Lexie Bultman. On June 1, Bultman, an assistant principal at North Cobb High School, will take the helm at AHS.

“Adairsville continually demonstrates academic gains, and I'm excited to be part of such a thriving community,” said Bultman. “As principal of Adairsville High School, my initial focus will be to gain trust and rapport with the staff, which is crucial to fostering an environment where all students learn at high levels. There is work to do from day one, but people matter most. People have an innate need to connect, especially with their leader, and I understand the significance and need to develop relationships with the Adairsville High School family and community.”

After 18 years in education, those who know Bultman best say she has a true passion for investing in others and remains driven, hardworking, and detail-oriented in her professional roles.

“I defend my doctoral dissertation at the end of the month,” added Bultman. “Anything I do, I put 100 percent effort into it.”

Bultman spent 11 years in the classroom, teaching biology and Advanced Placement environmental science within a STEM Magnet program. The last seven years, Bultman served as an assistant principal, supervising various departments at two different Magnet schools. It will be a seamless transition as Bultman moves across county lines to another high school with a Magnet program that specializes in science, technology, and math.

“I like to build relationships with people and invest in my community, so the tight-knit community of Adairsville really drew me in,” said Bultman. “The Bartow County School System has made tremendous gains under Dr. Page's leadership. The opportunity to work in a Model PLC School District was also a huge contributing factor in my decision to apply.”

Bultman’s extensive knowledge and work within successful professional learning communities will provide her with additional experience to lead and support the Adairsville family as they continue to move forward with a focus on learning, collaboration, and results.

Additionally, Bultman may have “306 pride,” but she also bleeds crimson and white as she is unapologetically an Alabama football fanatic. She also enjoys her quick-witted dynamic duo at home – Major and Berkley. Major is in middle school, and Berkley is in high school.

“Two other fun facts,” added Bultman. “I’m really good at playing Cornhole, really good, and I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every morning with my coffee.”

Adairsville finds its perfect fit; a leader as colorful as the community.