Dot Frasier

Roll out the red carpet and shout from the rooftops; it’s Ms. Dot Day! Join us in celebrating the woman who is not only at the helm of the Bartow Education Foundation, but the woman who has taught and loved an infinite number of children in Bartow County over the past six decades!

Ms. Dot Frasier has been serving Bartow County students and staff for 64 years. Her professional titles have included teacher, assistant principal, principal, and Bartow Education Foundation Executive Director. At 87 years young, Ms. Dot still plays an integral role in the Teacher Grant, Teacher of the Year, and Retirement programs.

On October 18, 2021, a proclamation honoring Ms. Dot was signed and issued. It read in part, “The Bartow County Board of Education and Superintendent of the Bartow County School System do hereby honor Ms. Dot Frasier as the first Teacher of the Year in the Bartow County School System in the year nineteen sixty-nine. Each subsequent year on the date of the System Teacher of the Year banquet will be proclaimed as ‘Ms. Dot Day’ within the Bartow County School System.”

Before we recognize our 2022-2023 Teachers of the Year and System winner tonight at the Booth Western Art Museum, let’s take a few minutes to honor Ms. Dot and her legacy of love.

Bartow County School Board Member Anna Sullivan said it best. “Ms. Dot has never slowed down. She exemplifies a life calling that is powered purely by her great love of people, both big and small. We are a better community for her work, dedication, and love.”