Pine Log Elementary teachers

 Superintendent Page and system leaders present Pine Log Elementary School and its third grade team, which consists of Nelia Card, Louise Gammon, and Julia West with the most prestigious award given by the District, the A-Team Award!

Nelia Card, Louise Gammon, and Julia West exemplify the three big ideas of our Professional Learning Communities culture as they continually demonstrate a focus on learning, collaboration, and results.

Through observations and conversations with each team member, it is evident this team uses the PLC process to work together with collective responsibility for student learning. They ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all third grade students, use common formative assessments to monitor student learning, use common assessment data to improve teaching and learning practices, and support the RTI process by providing systematic interventions and extensions for all students.

It is also evident that Principal Tracey Alford and the Pine Log Elementary School Guiding Coalition have played a significant role in the development of this A-Team. Its Guiding Coalition was mentioned many times as a source of strength for the PLC process and as the means for the professional development which resulted in the efficacy of this collaborative team. Congratulations on this extraordinary achievement!

Nelia Card, Louise Gammon, and Julia West will now present at a future school board meeting, New Teacher Institute, and serve as role models for future A-Teams throughout our school system.
This is our 15th collaboration team to earn an A-Team Award!