Brent Higdon

Euharlee Elementary School and the Bartow County School System Family mourn the loss of EHES Physical Education Teacher Brent Higdon.

On Tuesday, his school family heard his special, signature sign off one last time, “bye, good buddy!”

Good buddy: they are two words now etched in the minds of so many, not just because he said them every day, but because he was a kind, thoughtful, generous, one-of-a kind friend himself.

“Coach Higdon was a perfect gentleman and friend,” said EHES Music Teacher Kathy Cater. “He was a family man who loved his wife, Tina, desperately and was proud to be her husband. Coach also loved his three children, mom, shop, cat, and fishing. He was a shining example of true friendship and kindness. He was one of the most giving people I have ever known, paying out of his pocket for things that were needed, bringing small tokens of friendship to show he cared, and checking on our children after hours. Coach made friends everywhere he went and was one of the easiest people to be around. Coach had a special way with kids and loved having fun with them. His ‘good buddies’ will greatly miss his kind, generous heart and his child-like grin!”

Coach Higdon was well-loved during his 28 years in the Bartow County School System.

He knew when to share his favorite Seinfeld clip, and he knew when to collect student data for his weekly collaboration meetings with colleagues.

“As a coworker, Brent Higdon was the most kind and uplifting guy to be around,” added EHES Art Teacher Margaret Bearden. “He helped anyone in need and was quick to share a joke with us, his ‘good buddies.’ He spoke often of his family and had so much love for his wife and children. Students loved going to PE class to play medic ball or dodge ball to Coach's classic rock playlist. His kindness went beyond the walls of the gym. He would call to check on sick students, buy gifts for students in need, help a teacher change a tire on the roadside, or bring us donuts just because. He was generous, thoughtful, and kind, and I am lucky to have known him. It is a shock to our community and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Today, as a school community, we share a moment of silence.

Additional counselors are available on campus to ensure support to grieving students and staff. Those services will also be available after the holiday break.

In the coming weeks, PE teachers districtwide plan to celebrate their “good buddy” by organizing his favorite game – medic ball.