Luke Collier

Sit five minutes with five-year-old Luke Collier and he will tell you he has many superpowers. And he’s right! Only, his extraordinary abilities have nothing to do with jumping off tall skyscrapers to save the day!

Luke’s superpowers include, but are certainly not limited to, accepting a diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, undergoing two open heart surgeries (one at three days old and the other at three months old), and living to tell his story with an incredibly infectious smile.

Luke is now a kindergartner at Hamilton Crossing Elementary School by day and a league bowler by night!

Luke and his mother, Julie, are celebrating his progress during Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week February 7-14.

Through books, bracelets, and beautiful discussions, Luke’s classmates and school are learning what it means to be a heart warrior. Red bead, blue bead, heart bead.

“I am a heart warrior,” adds Luke. “I will be having one other open heart surgery later in life to correct my condition. My heart will never be normal, just fixed.”

“And that is just fine,” says Luke’s friends, as they wrap their arms around him.